Resumé Transformation and Counseling/Coaching/Guidance

"I worked with Al Malinchak at Éclat Transitions LLC as I transitioned from a twenty-year career in law enforcement to the private sector.  Al offered excellent service, expert advice and I always, always, felt he had my best interests at heart.  He was professional, responsive and is highly recommended to any public service professional who needs focus and direction into the private sector market."  – Greg Nelson, Executive Search Recruiter + retired Chief of Police

“Éclat Transitions provided the full spectrum support I needed to make a successful transition from a career as a Major in the US Air Force to a Director in the nonprofit sector. From streamlining the content of my resume, to aligning my LinkedIn profile, to preparing for interviews through salary negotiations, Éclat Transitions was with me every step of the way. With their expert advice, I landed a job in less than three months in a very challenging job market.” – Lisa Barber, US Air Force


"Éclat Transitions provided me with the tools I needed to plan for a successful transition from a career in federal law enforcement to a rewarding new beginning in the private sector. Éclat Transitions practical experience, myriad resources and professional contacts helped me properly prepare for this big change in my life." - Tim B., FBI

“Thank you! This class was extremely helpful! I didn’t realize how much there is to know. The guidance and information was very comprehensive and I feel far more informed and prepared. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to retire from government service or make any type of career change.”  
- Penny B., FBI

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend your seminar. It was very informative, and provided many useful tools for me to use as I embark on my career transition. I wish I had participated in a program like this 3-4 years before I was eligible to retire! I never realized how much preparation is required (both mentally and logistically!) to begin this new phase of my career.” - Carolyn M., FBI

“This class was a wonderful and enlightening wake-up call for those of us who have been in federal service for many years and are contemplating retirement. The realities facing us in potential private sector jobs are challenging, but Éclat Transitions provided valuable tools to guide me. Their materials were helpful, but of the greatest benefit, at least to me, were their strong suggestions to seek certifications such as PMP and CISSP, among others. I now have a much clearer picture of steps I should be taking, or at least considering, in order to make myself more marketable in my next career.” - James Beasley, FBI


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