“After 35 years in Federal service, although apprehensive about making a transition to a new career in the private sector, I decided to retire from my Senior Executive position. Once I made this decision, I was unsure where to begin and contacted Éclat Transitions LLC. Éclat Transitions’ insights were invaluable; they guided me through the necessary process of truly exploring the “what’s next” question, and provided valuable job leads and introductions. I have secured a job with a company whose mission is aligned with my interests and where the fit “feels right”. Éclat Transitions was with me from the start through a job offer; advising me through each stage of the transition process with knowledge and expertise that made a significant difference. – John Moran, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of Labor

“Éclat Transitions expertise and guidance bolstered my confidence to transition to a President position with a prestigious private association after 23 years of government service.  I had not been seeking a career move, but when this rare and outstanding opportunity presented itself, Éclat Transitions assistance positioned me to mobilize quickly and effectively.  Since my entire career had been Federal government, Éclat Transitions advice and knowledge in terms of private employment agreements, benefits, and hiring practices was invaluable.  Throughout the process the CEO of Éclat Transitions was approachable, responsive, and the consummate professional.  Quite simply, Éclat Transitions was awesome!  Thank you for your expert services and I am greatly looking forward to the next chapter of my career.”
Deb Satkowiak, former ATF Division Chief

Career Transition Seminars

"I recently attended a 'Veterans Career Path Seminar' offered by the nonprofit veterans assistance group Hire Our Heroes which included 7+ hours of platform instruction provided by Éclat Transitions LLC. This is a high caliber career transition event, perfectly executed and highly effective. It is the Gold Standard for professional development seminars of this kind. The CEO of Éclat Transitions provided world class facilitation, expert materials and is superbly polished, engaged with the audience, and is truly a master communicator that opened new thoughts to several aspects of the transition process. Those who have the opportunity to take this seminar should do so immediately.” – J.M. Peterson, Special Projects Director, Counterterrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation; U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran

Resumé Transformation and Counseling/Coaching/Guidance

"After 31 years with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department I began to think about a second career. I was in need of a professional to present my education, training, and experience in a nice neat package (resume) should the right opportunity present itself. A friend/colleague of mine recommended Eclat Transitions LLC, and I’m very glad he did! Al was great to work with. He created a very professional product in a timely manner, and his communication throughout the process was exceptional. The cost was in line with what others would have charged, and the best part is that I only had to use the resume one time. A rare (and dare I say, ideal!) opportunity came up and I was able to submit my resume without delay. I highly recommend Al and Eclat Transitions LLC to anyone seeking the services they provide."
Doug Lee, Chief Deputy, Law Enforcement/Homeland Security, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services


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